Construction Procurement Spend Analysis

In Construction the right analytics solution can not just save you money, but change your whole approach to managing Procurement Spend.

Qlickit's three-pronged approach is designed to extract tremendous value from the data your organisation already owns.  

By bringing it all to the same place and incisively analysing it, you can facilitate real positive change in your Construction Procurement Spend.


Control 'Mavick Spend' and reduce off contract purchases with enhanced visibility and holistic data. 


Improve your supplier negotiation by always having key information at your fingertips.


Rationalise your supplier base to reduce costs, maximise your rebates and improve service levels.

Our three pronged approach to Procurement SPEND ANALYSIS ENSURES MAXIMUM SAVINGS

Big industry names are using QLIKVIEW TO MANAGE THEIR construction PROCUREMENT SPEND EFFECTIVELY.  don't get left behind.