Discover a single version of the truth for your target audience

QlickiT can help you unlock new knowledge and insights into your customer / audience data, giving you a reliable single version of the truth in a consistent and reproducible way.

Data often comes from many sources; from your Ticketing, CRM, Fundraising, Venue Management, EPOS, Accounting, HR or Staffing system or simply from Excel spreadsheets – and there is often a lot of it! QlickiT (using the new Qlik Sense solution) will work with you to bring everything together in a useful and understandable way.

With all your data in one place, interactive visualisation and storytelling becomes simple and streamlined, saving you and your staff hours of reporting time each month and freeing them up to focus more time on other things; reaching more customers, driving revenue or simply being more creative!

Leisure, Arts and Entertainment

  • Visualise the success of your customer journey throughout your organisation
  • Understand your audience profile better and leverage this data for more funding
  • Streamline your operations and provide better customer service at all contact points
  • Improve decision making based on true data rather than mixed message reports
  • Reduce the gap between asking a question and answering it
  • Identify new areas for growth and strengthen existing areas of concern
Improve your customer offering
Get more from your data

  • Grow your customer base through more effective audience engagement
  • Effectively measure financial & commercial impact of marketing campaigns
  •  Rapidly access, consolidate and analyse data from multiple sources for comprehensive in-depth review.