Other Sectors

Other areas where we have successfully deployed QlikView applications to the delight of our customers include:


Whether you operate locally or globally manufacturing companies are under constant pressure to reduce costs, reduce time to market and deliver innovative cost-effective products. With current supply chain trends, businesses are under pressure to share information with customers, suppliers and business partners in order to improve visibility, velocity and value across the supply chain. While most of the ERP vendors claim to provide the necessary operational capability their solutions are often technically complex and time consuming and costly to install. Invariably they lack good analysis tools to enable you to get to grips with what is really happening.

Distribution & Logistics

The process of getting products delivered from one place to another - on time, efficiently and at the optimum cost - is mission critical. Whether transportation is your business, or just one function, you're concerned with balancing the high cost of fuel against already razor-thin margins. It's a very competitive market, where you're just one late delivery or unexpected freight surcharge away from lost business. You need to manage an intricate chain of suppliers and customers - under a deluge of data. Add more regulations, from environmental to cross-border controls, and stricter compliance to the mix. Now, try to get a single snapshot of how the business is doing today. Challenging to say the least!

Consumer Products

Complex distribution channels, VMI, shortened product lifecycles with a myriad of product variations, the death of customer loyalty, tighter regulations, data, data and more data, from EDI to RFID to customer Point of Sale (POS) systems and industry consolidation.

Just some of the commercial considerations faced by Consumer Products companies against this storm of change. Consumer Products executives need lightning-fast intelligence to outperform the competition. Speed to market is critical to success - and that means shortening decision times and getting all the disparate parts of the supply chain responding in sync to market demands

Supply Chain Management

Virtually all businesses have some form of Supply Chain; effective management of which is vital for survival. Whether you operate locally or globally the pressures are constant to reduce costs, lead times and guarantee delivery dates/timeslots. Sharing information with business partners (customers & suppliers) is a necessity, in order to improve visibility, velocity and value throughout multiple tiers across the supply chain.

Whilst most of the ERP vendors claim to provide rule-based optimisation capabilities, solutions that integrate the planning, execution and co-ordination of the entire supply chain network. Few have any REAL success stories; they are mainly feature function dumps of the software's capability. In reality these solutions are technically very complex, time consuming and costly, and notoriously difficult to implement (for all collaborators in the chain).

We don't claim to provide finite optimisation capabilities, but we do claim to provide reporting metrics on just how effective your current supply chain is operating in such a manner that allows you to make intelligent informed decisions about your companies future supply chain strategies, procedures and practices.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, QlikView has the answers to your Business Intelligence & Analytics needs.

With its ability to operate across multiple ERP, CRM and SRM platforms, QlikView is applicable across any industry or function.

We highlight a number of these on our website, but the applicability of QlikView and the knowledge & expertise of our consultants, is not limited to those.