QlikView Enables IT to Deliver Better Value

QlikView Addresses the needs of IT Stakeholders. From the CIO’s perspective, the QlikView Business Discovery platform delivers a new model for decision making that empowers business users across the company.

QlikView provides true self-service BI to business users, enabling the business to operate more efficiently and successfully.

QlikView’s adoption and scalability model fits the requirements of IT and provides a low-risk solution to the overall data analysis needs of the organization.

Enterprise & System Architects

For the Enterprise/System Architect QlikView is designed to tightly integrate with existing security systems and data sources, and preserve existing investments. This limits risk and improves the cost effectiveness of deployments. Rapid, yet controlled, development and deployment ensure a fast time to value under strict, centralized guidelines.

IT Managers & Business Analysists

For the IT Manager/Business Analyst QlikView delivers business value immediately because few new skills are required by analysts and developers to produce QlikView Apps. With QlikView, IT managers and business analysts can rapidly create apps that focus on the analytics that matter most to business users. And they can quickly extend and enhance those apps as business needs change.

QlikView allows IT DEPARTMENTS to control when data IS refreshed, to whom data should be made available & how users can access data.

QlikView addresses the needs of all IT Stakeholders. 

A new model for decision making that
empowers users across the company

QlikView’s self-service model also means ongoing requests for new reports from business users are dramatically lowered. QlikView frees up valuable time for IT managers and their staff so they can focus on higher-value tasks such as data governance, data quality, data modelling, and data security.

Data & Analysis On Demand

With QlikView, data and analysis is delivered when users need It. QlikView’s Publisher and AccessPoint modules provide centralised deployment capabilities ranging from administration to scheduling data refreshes, and determining which end user client technologies to enable. This allows IT to control when QlikView data should be refreshed, determine to whom data should be made available and how users can access data.

All client deployment options are covered including browser-independent, download-free Ajax client, installed client, browser plug-in, mobile clients, or PDF; all managed from one central location.

Download the QlikView 11 System Requirements (PDF)