Social Business Discovery

Decisions aren’t made in isolation, they’re collaborative. They’re based on social exchanges driven by real-time debate, dialog and shared insight.

QlikView’s social Business Discovery approach puts the social and collaborative experience front and centre.

Report-centric, traditional BI forces single users to make gut-based decisions based on static, pre-configured data.

QlikView’s social Business Discovery platform is different and transformative because it supports:


Business users from all groups, teams and departments can use QlikView to collaborate on data, analysis and decisions.


Groups of business users can engage in live "co-browsing" sessions with up-to-the-minute data.


Enables business users to explore relevant data without limits


Bookmarks and in-app notes let users discuss and debate decisions over time.



QlikView apps and dashboards combine data from multiple sources to deliver information and analytics designed to inform your business decisions, from typical day-to-day discussions right up to the most urgent and critical matters.

It’s what QlikView does with in-memory technology that
really makes a difference

For example, you can use QlikView to segment data according to workgroup, team or department-specific business needs; make data accessible and interactive for selected people, workgroups or departments; document decision factors as they happen for total transparency.

QlikView lets you interact with and share data and analytics to drive innovative decisions and achieve common goals more effectively than ever. And it provides you with unprecedented freedom to securely and privately collaborate. You can co-create with In-Context Collaborative Workspaces.

Fire up a real-time collaborative session and invite others to join. When you create a new chart, the others see it immediately and can move it around the sheet or modify it, and vice versa. Create multiple charts and lay them out side by side. Interact with the charts as you discuss options and move forward through the rapid analytic app development process.

Add notes and comments to charts, graphics, and visualizations, as well as start and participate in threaded discussions attached to each element. Share snapshots of what you discover in QlikView through bookmarks and have colleagues pick up from where you left off.

A truly collaborative approach!

Social Business Discovery with QlikView drives Collective & Innovative Decision Making.

QlikView’s social Business Discovery approach puts the social and collaborative experience front and center.