The QlickiT “QlikView Administration” training modules give you the key skills and knowledge to manage your QlikView deployment.

Administration Training Modules

Module Objectives

QlikView Administration training consists of two half day modules: “Server & Publisher” and “Security.” They are aimed at QlikView Administrators who will be responsible for the day to day running of QlikView Server.


Attendees on these modules should have attended the QlikView “Fundamentals” training module and also the “Structuring Data in QlikView” training module and have at least 3 months prior practical experience of developing applications in QlikView.

Although the material covered in this course is primarily about QlikView Server administration, it is preferable that the person in this role has a good understanding of the end-to-end processes involved in a QlikView installation.

Course Overview

  • The Server & Publisher training module will cover the following broad headings in some detail:
  • Managing Users and Licences
  • Scheduling document reloads / distribution tasks
  • Log files...monitoring server performance and usage
  • Server objects
  • Troubleshooting



At its conclusion you will be able to:

  • Deploy Qlikview Documents on QlikView Server
  • Control which documents are visible to which users in the AccessPoint
  • Explain to users how to open documents in their AccessPoint
  • Understand the difference between the AJAX and the IE Plugin Client options for opening a file from the AccessPoint
  • Control access to applications for groups of users, as opposed to individual users
  • Explain the difference between Source Documents and User Documents
  • Set up a QlikView Publisher Distribution Task
  • Ensure that the documents are distributed to the right people


The Security training module provides a detailed step-by-step guide to setting up (and maintaining!) document section access within QlikView deployments.