Application Design Training Modules

Module Objectives

These topics consists of up to eight quarter -day modules:

  • Design Principles
  • Template Design
  • Report Design
  • Set Analysis
  • Advanced Set Analysis
  • Advanced Aggregation
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Extension Objects


Completion of all modules will equip the QlikView Developer to reach expert level.


Levels of prior knowledge and experience differs between the separate modules, so please consult the individual modules for this information.

Course OverViews

Across the eight modules the student will gain comprehensive insight, understanding and an array of techniques to facilitate the design and production of quality QlikView applications.

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DES1 - Design Principles:

  • Design DOs and DON’Ts
  • Application Structure
  • Appropriate chart selection
  • Formatting tips and tricks


DES2 - Template Design:

  • Key design considerations
  • Effective use of conditional show options and variables
  • The QlickiT Standard Template


DES3 - Report Design:

  • Learn how to create complex multipage reports


DES4 - Set Analysis:

  • What is Set Analysis?
  • Where is it useful?· Basic syntax
  • Create a ‘This Year’ vs. ‘Last Year’ comparison


DES5 - Advanced Set Analysis:

  • Advanced syntax
  • Nested Set Modifiers
  • Indirect Set Analysis
  • Predefining sets in the script


DES6 - Advanced Aggregation:

  • Use the AGGR function to achieve nested Multi level chart aggregation


DES7 - Comparative Analysis:

  • Learn how to use alternate states to create powerful data comparisons


DES8 - Extension Objects:

  • Extension Object Basics
  • Interactive Extension Objects 
  • Using Extension Objects to create interactive maps

The QlickiT QlikView Application Design training modules build the essential skills needed to produce stunning QlikView applications.