QlickiT has been providing dedicated QlikView Consultancy services since 2005 and is the longest-standing dedicated QlikView provider in the UK.

QlikView and QlickiT have re-written the rules around Business Intelligence through the concept of Business Discovery. This takes advantage of the unique QlikView technology platform and QlickiT’s unique Design and Development Methodology. This powerful combination, coupled with QlickiT’s more than 50 man-years of QlikView know-how, ensures success and a real return on a client’s investment.

Whether you operate in the public or private sectors, in the SME or FTSE 100 space, QlickiT has the experience and knowledge to deliver you a QlikView strategy that meets today’s information needs with no compromise on future systems strategy. Whether you require in-house or hosted platforms we can fulfil your needs.

Our consultants are recognised as "world class" QlikView practitioners.

Having a QlickiT consultant involved early in your planning can ensure that you avoid costly re-work as your project progresses, ensuring you get the foundations right from day one. 


Some ways you could benefit from our expertise are:

  • Get your project foundations right
  • Benefit from our experience gained in ways to use QlikView most effectively
  • Provide experienced resource to shorten project delivery times
  • Keep development times to minimum
  • Improved Customer satisfaction
  • Ensure rapid payback and ROI
  • Improve business visibility and predictability


Qlickit consultant’s unique methodology
ensures real & measurable success

At all levels we can provide world-class QlikView consultants to troubleshoot specific problems and unusual requirements.

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about QlikView is the incredible variety of uses to which it can be put - this keeps our minds flexible, and we like it that way.

Get the best from your QlikView investment

Despite QlikView’s undoubted power, flexibility and ease-of-use, there are still numerous QlikView customers not getting the best from their investment, nor obtaining the best affordable advice to help them progress. Let QlickiT provide that advice and assistance.

Build yourself an Information Delivery strategy that ensures you can take a long-term view on application deliverables and ROI, not just on today’s needs, but with no downsides or penalties tomorrow.

With the right advice you can easily future-proof your investment in QlikView.

QlickiT is the longest-standing dedicated provider of QlikView Consultancy services in the UK.

A complete range of reliable and trustworthy pre- and post-sale QlikView services.