QlickiT can provide all your QlikView Training needs based a flexible modular approach based on years of practical experience.

We are extremely flexible in our training approach and can deliver QlikView training in a way that best suits your organizational needs.

Training Overview

Our unique flexible, modular approach covers all your QlikView training needs.

Our trainers are all highly experienced QlikView practitioners. Indeed, we insist that training can only be done well by consultants with real life QlikView experience.  QlikView is an incredibly easy to use application and for some little training is required. For example, one of our customers wrote: 

"I've been using QlikView for the last couple of days and I'm amazed! It is a seriously impressive package, it took me less than 30 minutes to connect to our data warehouse and import January's sales and performance data. I spent an afternoon building a dashboard, which I've solicited to other product managers - they're similarly impressed. I even went to a global conference yesterday and demoed it to some of my European colleagues!" 

He had made this rapid progress with no external technical input. However, not everyone is so self-starting, and as you might expect, there are "better" and "worse" ways of doing things.There is really no substitute for getting things right from the start. We are extremely flexible in our training approach and can deliver QlikView training in a way that best suits your organisation.

A unique, flexible, modular approach
for all your QlikView training needs

A modular training approach

QlickiT Development Methodology provides a structured yet flexible Modular training approach.

It is a process, a set of procedures and a set of conventions used by QlickiT consultants and clients in the development of QlikView applications. It is rooted in many years of practical client work and its purpose is to standardise, as far as is sensible and practical, client implementations. This approach speeds up development, facilitates the transfer of knowledge and standardises our approach on “best practice”.  It also facilitates easier on-going support.

While users can begin using QlikView with only a modicum of instruction, our half-day module specifically aimed at end-users will give them a flying start. As well as an all-round introduction to QlikView, end-users will have the opportunity to get “hands-on” as they learn the benefits and features of a sophisticated QlikView application. This can be accomplished using one of your own applications or suitable ones supplied by QlickiT.